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I have a passion for taking an idea, a scene, a situation, and expanding it into a full-fledged performance piece. This has led me to produce and direct my own productions as well as work as a show director and movement director on other projects. I believe that my multiple years as a director offer me a greater ability to see the wider scope of a production; seeing the value of each element towards the overall impact on an audience. I value creating a healthy and collaborative culture where everyone can share in the artistic vision of a project. For me, this builds innovative and integrated productions where all departments empower each other to create memorable performances on stage and on screen.


Directing and supporting how characters move and behave on-screen. For "SEE", Shay worked with every level of the production from actors and stunts to the set and art departments. This work assisted in building a world that was both true and innovative. 


Directing, coordinating and facilitating all levels of the production. With RCCL's "inTENse", Shay created the arc of the show, choreographed, directed, developed music and video content, and shaped the overall experience for the audience. 


From concept to creation, Artistic Direction is taking an idea and building it into a container that can be filled with artistic content and performances. With his own company RSA, Shay has produced, directed and choreographed 6 shows that have toured nationally and internationally.

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