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Animation - Ballet 

Ballroom/Social Dancing

Bodypercussion - Breakdance

Contemporary - Jazz 

Tap - Commercial Hip Hop

Popping - Locking - House 

Step Dancing - Waving

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to tell stories and create. At the age of 5 I started training in martial arts and dramatic arts. Soon after I was creating fight choreography and action movie sequences in my backyard. I'm a child of the 80's. Naturally, dance would become a part of my life, which in my eyes is the meeting point of physical performance, creativity and storytelling.

As a choreographer, I've created professional works in the fields of Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance. I've choreographed and staged sequences of martial arts, tricking/acrobatics, water drumming, body percussion, aerial dance and diving. I believe that choreography is everywhere, from the way we walk down the street all the way to the highly orchestrated dance performances we see on-stage and on-screen.

CHOREOGRAPHY for Actors and "non-dancers" 

I've worked with principal actors, high divers, sychronized swimmers and acrobats to build choreography and coordinated performances. I've worked with these diverse artists on character movements, behaviours, martial arts techniques and dance choreography. I'm aware of how intimidating choreography can be and, from this, I always approach my work with a sense of play and lightness. I've found that levity, humour and care create the ideal environment for rigorous research, training and rehearsal. When the work is play, the artist and their creativity flows. 


Is that some Contemporary Swing Dance fighting ? Foxtrot Karate? Zombies doing a musical theatre routine?

I'm always excited to find the creative strategies and technical solutions that create relevant movement, choreography and performances. I've spent focused time training in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and China in dance, martial arts, music and theatre. By continually learning new skills and new forms, I feel I have a greater ability to bring forward relevant material for each project or production.


Boxing - Capoeira - Karate 

Kick Boxing - Shaolin Kung Fu


Weapons training:

Stick, Staff, Nunchuku, Sword, Whip

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