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"Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement which has no beginning and no end." - Bruce Lee

I've always valued education and continual learning - something that was reinforced through my early training in the martial arts. I believe that my experience as an educator and instructor directly connect to my capacity as a creator, director and choreographer. I started teaching dance at the age of 13. I've worked with young children all the way to seniors. I've worked for local public school boards as an artist-in-residence working with troubled youth and young theatre artists. I've also worked with Fine Arts programs in educational institutions such as New York University, Simon Fraser University, L'École De Danse de Québec and London Contemporary Dance School. I believe that the range of these experiences generate humility and offer a greater ability to work with a wider range of people.

I offer professional level dance workshops all the way to movement classes for those who would seem themselves as "non-dancers".  We all move and we all have a instinctual need to express ourselves. I enjoy building classes and training where any individual can come in and find a new way to express themselves through movement and performance.

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