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I've always loved telling stories through movement and choreography. As a kid, I was wrapped up in comics, martial arts and action films. This passion for art and performance would lead me to a background in martial arts, theatre, dance and music. 

Over 20 years in the entertainment industry, I've been fortunate to work on some the largest productions in the world. I am passionate about taking a seed - an idea - and expanding it into a full-fledged performance piece filled with rich scenes, stirring visuals and impactful performances. The diversity of projects I worked on reinforced a need to continually learn, which has led me travel around the world and study martial arts, dance, theatre, percussion, screenwriting, sound design, directing and production design.


I believe my range of experiences enable me to be an asset on any production. I can see the wider scope of a production and the value of each element towards the intended impact on an audience - the why. I also know how healthy environments and collaborative cultures build the most powerful productions. As an artist and a leader, I value projects that empower all departments into a cohesive vision. A vision that energizes everyone towards the limits of invention and innovation. 

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Building creative concepts and immersive worlds. As an artistic director, Shay develops creative worlds that can be filled with artistic content and impactful performances. With his company Radical System Art - RSA, Shay has produced, directed and choreographed 7 shows that have toured nationally and internationally. 

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Directing, coordinating and facilitating all levels of the production. With RCCL's "inTENse" & "Aqua Action", Shay developed the arc of the show, choreographed, directed, supported music and video content, and help shape the overall experience for the audience.



Directing and choreographing how performers move and characters behave. For "SEE", Shay worked with every level of the production from actors and stunts to the set and art departments. This work assisted in building a world that was both authentic and innovative. As a choreographer, Shay has worked in dance, martial arts, theatre and circus arts.

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Shay has worked a broad range of roles on productions, from a producer to a stunt performer. As a consultant, Shay offers creative, conceptual, rehearsal & production/project consultations. As a consultant, Shay also focuses on culture and environment - helping organizations build out protocols that foster better work and greater collaboration. 

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Alongside directing and choreographing, Shay has consistently worked in education. This work has included mentorships, masterclasses and lectures with New York University (USA), The Place (UK), Simon Fraser University (CAN), Arts Umbrella (CAN), Grant MacEwan University (CAN) and Concordia University (CAN). For Shay, working in education is not only critical to supporting new artists, it also empowers his own work where as a leader and creative.

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" Momentum of Isolation expresses the pain of loneliness in the most enthralling of ways. Kuebler imbues his physicality with heart, creating a timely and powerful kinetic reminder that we need each other." - Gail Johnson 

"But with humour, cutting-edge visuals, and truly pummelling dance, Kuebler is pushing ever-ambitiously into timely ideas. Call it a show that has brains and brawn." - Janet Smith 

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