ACTOR. Dancer. Choreographer. Director.

Martial Artist. Sound Designer

Ever since I was a child, movement and performance have been a part of my life. I started my arts training at the age of 4 in martial arts and theatre. Soon after, I was choreographing and staging full scale action sequences in my backyard. This early foundation in the arts, and a love for physical performance and expression, would lead me to dance.

Growing up with dance, theatre and martial arts, I developed a deep value for versatility. I've continued to invest in this versatility through travel and focused studies in dance, martial arts, theatre and music across China, Japan, Brazil and The USA. This interest to continually learn has remained consistent through my 20 year career as a performer, educator, choreographer and director. Bruce Lee is someone who greatly inspired me growing up - and still does to this day. He stated, "Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement which has no beginning and no end." Even now, as I work on projects as a director and choreographer, I seek to gain knowledge from those that I work with. I believe this willingness to learn and be humbled is what has enabled me to work in so many different fields of art and performance.

I've been blessed to work in array of projects from circus arts and aqua shows to theatre productions and film films. I've choreographed synchronized swimming routines, trained and choreographed actors, choreographed large ensemble dance performances, staged and directed acrobatic diving sequences... I am energized by challenges and the search for the creative strategies and solutions required in each new project.

Along with creating and directing, I'm passionate about education. I believe that investing in the future of the art form through supporting our younger artists is essential to the vitality of the arts. I've taught dance and movement workshops for professional adult students in universities all the way to 5-year olds in public school programs. This range of teaching experience lends itself to understanding and connecting with the diverse and unique people you meet on every new project.

I believe human beings are inherently creative. It is what makes us unique and intelligent. No matter what field you are in, I believe that there is always an underlying need for creativity and innovation.  




Stage & industrial CHOreography & direction