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Creating and performing have been a part of my life since I can remember. At the age of 4, my parents thrust me into Karate and Drama to help channel my need to exert force and perform. Soon after, I was staging and performing full-scale action movie sequences in my backyard... I was a child of the 80's. This early foundation in the arts, and a love for physical performance and expression, would lead me to dance and a 20-year career of performing, choreographing and directing.

At the age of 19, one of my first professional gigs was becoming the newly rebranded Travelodge Sleepy Bear! Apparently, Travelodge wanted their lovable mascot to be less sleepy and a bit more amped up, so now he was The Travelodge Dancing - sort of - Sleepy Bear! Out of literally every dancer in Vancouver, I was selected to be the mind and moves behind this iconic American character. I performed as Travelodge Sleepy Bear for over 4  years in commercials and live events. I gained valuable experience from this work and, specifically, one critical lesson:

Choreography and movement are as powerful as its connection to the character, the character's message and how an audience sees this character. If The Travelodge Sleepy Bear is a very robust brown bear at dance party, then he better move and groove from that robust centre with the power and vigour an audience would expect from an excited powerful bear!

My passion for empowering stories through movement and performance have remained  over the past 20 years as a performer, choreographer, director and artist.




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